Lakshmi Sadhana

Course Overview

Lakshmi Sadhana

Lakshmi Sadhana is an opportunity to transform fear and a scarcity mentality at a cellular level by embodying our relationship to creative power - Sri Maha Lakshmi - shakti, supreme vitality and prosperity of life.

In this sadhana, we will work with four-levels of exploration from our body, home, outward manifestation and seva to vibrationally clear out any unconscious contractions. We will explore the deeper meaning and embodiment of Lakshmi.

* Maha Lakshmi meditations and reflection/contemplation from the cellular to the outward flow of prosperity
* Lakshmi Puja-Ritual and Sacred Altar guidance
* Lakshmi Namaskar Sadhana
*Pranams with Hum Mi Hum


Course Outline

Reflection-Meditation - Diwali-Lakshmi Prep
Reflection-Meditation - Diwali-Lakshmi Puja
Meditation/Reflection One
Meditation/Reflection Three
New Moon/Meditation Two
Meditation/Reflection Four
Meditation/Reflection Five
Meditation/Reflection Six