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Flow For All
Power of Pranams In Changing times

Soulful Movement Meditation
with Shiva and Demetri
Free For All~Open Now

Every breath. Every day,

May we evolve deeper in love.
Pranams is the foundation in the revival of soulful movement meditation as the essential practice of releasing and rising. Our new global online course includes an offering of our Prana flow Mandala mat to go with the practice.

rootSrise- power of pranams

Begin anytime and join the journey of the year in a soulful movement meditation ~ Pranams.

Living in Cosmic Rhythm 101
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Jyotish Vedic Astrology Immersion Bi~Monthly
Intro Begins Feb 7th and Feb 21st
Full Course March 7th

Prana Flow Movement Alchemy with Shiva Rea and guest Jyotisha, Riley Skye!
Join Jyotisha, Riley Skye and Shiva Rea in a sacred journey to understand the foundations of living in cosmic rhythm. Our Sunday Soul Syncs will explore the planetary cycles and their effect on our physiological, psychological, and social patterns. In addition, you will learn how these phenomena personally affect your life in relation to your own natal chart. During this cosmic immersion, we will survey the powerful macro-cycles linked and synced to holy-days/festivals honored within Vedic/Tantric sadhana. The cosmic power of these sacred events, the new + full moon energies, as well as solar/ seasonal potential will be harnessed through embodied rituals of attunement and activation; all aligned to the rhythms of heaven.
$40 for those currently enrolled in Soulful Wellness Online Training ~ Email!