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Prana Vinyasa Teacher and Soulful Wellness Guide
Classes + Immersions and Rejuvenating "Trainings"

live in vital rhythm
embody the flow of your life-force
and tend the fire of your soul purpose in service to the world

Our Courses are rEvolutionary!

Our mission is to bring the juice - essence - transformative energy to our everyday life. 

Yoga Alchemy is an online sanctuary offering a mandala of courses/practices to transform and balance and enhance for the art of living. Create your sanctuary and “practice palette” from courses where you can experience practice as life-alchemy.

Extraordinary Teachers

Our extraordinary guides are mitras-friends on the path as long-time teachers and practitioners. We offer the most effective progression of the path so you can evolve – whether you are new to a practice or ready to go deeper.

Live & In-Depth Courses

We offer live courses with living personal connection, access to teachers during sessions, and the power of community interaction. Rather than random classes, yoga alchemy gives you a way to go deeper with the teachers you study with offering practical tools for life change. .

Sanctuary for Juicy Wellness Practices

Either from our personal home or in a nature around the world, yoga alchemy courses are inspiring and balancing so you can enter the alchemy of practice to attune to your own essence and nourish your inner fire and vital wellness.

Roots and Evolution

We are dedicated to offering root teachings in Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti and Krishnamacharya’s lineage as well as “evolutionary branches” as the hub for the complete Prana Vinyasa practice.

Welcome to Yoga Alchemy Online
Samudra Global School for Living Yoga

We are here to serve people of all backgrounds and to create a home sanctuary for inspiring practices
that inspire, balance and embody the flow of life.

Yoga Alchemy is the hub for our juicy inter-disciplinary courses for all, Evolutionary Vinyasa

Teacher Training programs

and our new
Soulful Wellness Guide empowerment.

Explore the path that is for you.

Welcome and Experience 2021 with New Live and Online programs. Connect with Living Vinyasa. Learn to surf waves of change.

Join the Soulful Wellness Guide Certification or the Evolutionary Vinyasa teacher membership for those on the teacher’s path in Samudra’s Global School of Living Yoga.

Explore our Samudra Shala Online sanctuary for your solar/lunar practices, meditation, roots & evolutionary prana vinyasa practices from yoga, tantra, ayurveda, bhakti and flow arts.

Join anytime to access free meditations available through the journey of the year as we follow the sunrise, sunset, new~full moon and seasonal cycles in our journey around the sun.

Free ~ Open for all.

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Student/Practitioner Monthly $10
Soulful Wellness Member $108
2021 Practitioner/Teacher Training $127
Tending the Fire Journey $225
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