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Yoga Alchemy is an online school for Inspiring Practices, Courses and Teacher Training for
Samudra's Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa Teacher Path

Cultivate * Embody * Balance * Transform * Serve

May this sanctuary serve your life...

Our Courses are rEvolutionary!

Our mission is to bring the juice - essence - transformative energy to our everyday life. 

Yoga Alchemy is an online sanctuary offering a mandala of courses/practices to transform and balance and enhance for the art of living. Create your sanctuary and “practice palette” from courses where you can experience practice as life-alchemy.

Course Benefits
Extraordinary Teachers

Extraordinary Teachers

Our extraordinary guides are mitras-friends on the path as long-time teachers and practitioners. We offer the most effective progression of the path so you can evolve - whether you are new to a practice or ready to go deeper.

Live & In-Depth Courses

Live & In-Depth Courses

We offer live courses with living personal connection, access to teachers during sessions, and the power of community interaction. Rather than random classes, yoga alchemy gives you a way to go deeper with the teachers you study with offering practical tools for life change.

Sanctuary for Juicy Wellness Practices

Sanctuary for Juicy Wellness Practices

Either from our personal home or in a nature around the world, yoga alchemy courses are inspiring and balancing so you can enter the alchemy of practice to attune to your own essence and nourish your inner fire and vital wellness.

Roots and Evolution

Roots and Evolution

We are dedicated to offering root teachings in Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti and Krishnamacharya’s lineage as well as "evolutionary branches” as the hub for the complete Prana Vinyasa practice.

Welcome to Prana Vinyasa Online
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Practice and Teacher Training for Samudra Evolutionary Vinyasa

to inspire, balance and embody the flow of life

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Experience 2019 Prana Flow Weekly Movement Meditation with Shiva. Connect with Living Vinyasa. Learn to surf waves of change.

Living Vinyasa

Join the Evolutionary Vinyasa teacher membership for those on the teacher’s path in Samudra's Global School of Living Yoga


Experience a sanctuary for your solar/lunar practices, meditation, roots & evolutionary prana vinyasa practices from yoga, tantra, ayurveda, bhakti, flow arts, mystic heart and healing arts.


Join anytime to access free meditations available through the journey of the year as we follow the sunrise, sunset, new-full moon and seasonal cycles in our journey around the sun. 

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Living in Rhythm Monthly Membership - $10 Open to All Backgrounds and Lovers of Life
  • Enjoy weekly meditation in your inbox every Sunday as we journey through the cycles of the year. 
  • For 2019,  Prana Flow Namaskar Mandala from pranams,  classical namaskars to the elemental prana vinyasa and s with the moon cycles beginning  to experience the cyclemonthly new and full moon meditation Mudra Practices with Shiva 
  • Private Facebook group for Yoga Alchemy Members
  • Enjoy our  live meditations and practices posted to our Facebook group throughout the year from pilgrimages around the globe.
Teacher’s Membership - $108 for year
  • Available through email application only (click here); includes:
  • Enjoy Weekly meditation in your inbox every Sunday as we journey through the cycles of the year. 
  • For 2019 we are focusing on Prana Flow Namaskar Mandala from pranams, classical namaskars, foundation and elemental prana flow namaskars to embody and consciously live in synch with the solar-lunar cycles of the year. (Archive ) 
  • Discounts and access to Teacher Training Pathways of Prana Vinyasa courses (for teachers only)
  • Private Facebook group for Teacher Training 
  • Enjoy our live meditations and practices posted to our Facebook group throughout the year from pilgrimages around the globe.
  • Enroll in our Roots and Evolution teacher training courses for personal and professional development and stay connected through the year. Prana Vinyasa Certification Requirements include registration with the corresponding online modules to empower your embodiment and process as a teacher.