Heart of the Yogini
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Heart of the Yogini

Welcome to Heart of the Yogini

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Experience a six-week, 40-day practice circle for women as we embody a natural, universal and lineage practices to connect to the heart of the Great Mother, the Maha Yogini, the heart of Sri Chakra, forever in union with MahaYogin. 

The heart of the yogini is an introduction into the embodiment of the circle of the yoginis and a view of the chakra system from within the Lalita Saharanama and the lineage back in time through the historical yoginis and forward to the transmission of Lalita Devi through Ammachi, Sri Amritanandamayi Ma of Kerala.

We begin with our innermost connection to the heart of the mother and slowly over the course of the year to understand by heart a yogini’s living sadhana in harmony with the rhythm, embodiment and lifestyle.

Each week we will stoke the fire of Soulful community ~

A weekly live check~in with Shiva for group interaction as well as weekly positing if in teacher study community

Meditation – audio recording with visualization and mantra to integrate weekly meditation~mantra as we meditate on the Namavali ~ garland of the mantras of the Goddess.

Inspiration – passages, study of Lalita Trishati (300 names of the Goddess), as well as articles on different aspects of the legacy of the sacred feminine.

Lives of the Yoginis - weekly inspiration from the archetype of the Yogini from Parvati, Rishikas, Yoginis, Devadasi and modern saints

Embodiment – weekly pranam, namaskar, movement meditation according to the flow from the Shakti Sadhana videos of Yoga Alchemy.

Six Wave/Week - 40 Day Meditation Sadhana





Course Outline