Tending the Sacred Fire Living in Rhythm Teacher Membership
with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

Tending the Sacred Fire Living in Rhythm Teacher Membership

Welcome to our Living in Rhythm portal for Prana Vinyasa Teachers on the path.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or a long-time teacher trainer, living in rhythm synchs our global collective to the cycles of life – the daily, weekly, lunar and solar seasonal rhythms.

  • Join anytime to access free meditations available through the journey of the year as we follow the sunrise, sunset, new~full moon and seasonal cycles in our journey around the sun.

    Free ~ Open for all. Be the first to know of special programs and Upcoming community portals.

    Student/Practitioner Monthly $10


    • Join as a practitioner and receive two special LIVE Or curated practices from the Yoga Alchemy library.
    • Live invites are synched to the new and full moon ~ includes the Living In Rhythm and Soulful Wellness Member Bi-monthly offerings

    Soulful Wellness Member $108

    • This is for graduates of the 2020 Soulful Wellness And Samudra Affiliates
    • Be part of our New and Full moon offerings and enjoy special practices in your Living In Rhythm section.
    2021 Practitioner/Teacher Training $127

    • This is for our special “soulful times rate” Of $5-7 per online offering hours.
    • We are a circle to nourish your Journey

    Tending the Fire Journey $225

    • What a wonderful journey every month.
    • Tending the Fire Program with Two Electives of your choice per three-six-yearly cycle.

    Shakti’sAngel – Pass it On ~ Email

    • You are part of our life-long circle of community~please email us if you would like to be part of the Global Mala Fund and Pass it On. Thank you for being the change! May we flow together in the pulse of life.Available to Prana Vinyasa teachers enrolled in Samudra Global School for Living Yoga or by permission through email application only (click here).
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