10 Days of Peace ~ Shanti Sadhana

with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

10 Days of Peace ~ Shanti Sadhana

Free for our Living In Rhythm members! Email yogaalchemy108 @gmail.com if you are a member and do not already have the course material.  

In this 10-day process with guidance by Shiva and collective community, you can join people of all backgrounds around the world in a 10-30 minute sadhana that helps cultivate peace throughout the day.

Sadhana includes:
* a daily email of wisdom and reflection from Shiva
* a video offering of prana flow pranams - prostrations for life
* ten days of audio meditation available
* an e-book of mantras and wisdom for daily guidance

When the world is often in a holiday swirl with the days moving towards the point of greatest darkenss for the Winter Solstice, we cultivate the daily anchor and power of shanti sadhana - living peace - as an offering to the world. 

 Through archive meditation calls with Shiva including meditation, mantra japa, yoga mala, universal wisdom and deep reflection, we will move to the turning point of the Winter Solstice. As an antidote to holiday stress, we will consciously cultivate the rhythms of peace. 



Course Outline