Welcome to our program! You can purchase all of your basic online reference tools and practice courses here for one special price. These are self-guided, reference tools and a ten video practice to study the foundation of energetic alignment at your own pace ~ connected to your live study. Mentors are available for questions. Please email yogaalchemy108 to submit your payment and receive all course material. 


Special Course Bundle: $108 Save $28

Solar Mandala of Asanas

Prana Vinyasa Energetic Alignment: Self-paced Study

Intro to The Art of Teaching Namaskars

Roots Prana Vinyasa or Elemental Vinyasa according to your area of study (Greece and Humaliwo attendees get Elemental) Some programs receive Foundation Roots Prana Vinyasa (Affiliate 200 hrs)

Embodying the Flow – Essential Resources, Sanskrit Guide, Music (Free) 


Please come back to our store later where you will find music to guide you in your journey.



Program Pathway