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Samudra Global School of Living Yoga


Soulful WellnessFall Program

Online ImmersionOpen Enrollment September 9th – October 1st

Curated for energetic balance and sequenced for all-levels (giving space for long-time practitioners to go deep),  Shiva will guide you into state of listening using non-verbal, kinesthetic intelligence, rhythmic movement patterns that enhance your breath circulation, whole-body connection and state of flow.


An immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Prana Vinyasa  integrated with sublime teachings and meditations from Tantras and Somatic Movement meditation.

Our Journey

Will embrace weekly sacred training progression to embody and balance your life-energy designed by global teacher, pioneer and founder of Prana Vinyasa and Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. 

Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the nava rasa or nine rasa mandala, we will develop a transformative approach to movement- yoga alchemy  and learn to assess life-energy and any imbalances to translate this into practical vinyasa yoga sequences and soulful wellness* for our self, students, and living the flow of yoga.

Each Week

You will explore a new rasa prana vinyasa sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating chakra mandala namaskar, circular sequencing, tantric- based meditation, mantra, mudra, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). We will also integrate weekly reading and opportunities for teachers elective for exploration and embodiment.

Each Month Includes:


You can join as a practitioner or enroll in teachers weekly lab or (20 yoga alliance hours leading to 200-300 hr training certification or containing education).Experience the roots and evolution of Prana vinyasa as move through the Elemental and Rasa Prana Vinyasa sequences integrated with the teachings and meditations from the earliest Tantra. For Prana Vinyasa Teachers who have experienced this live with Shiva, new classes and material are part of this new online training just for women.

Teachers receive manual and sequences and learn from a pioneer in vinyasa as movement meditation and mandala sequencing. A code of respect is part of this teachers empowerment as all are welcome and all teachings and paths honored.

Highlights Include: 

  • Weekly/monthly guided experience by Shiva Rea with personal access in community circle for questions and collective women’s circle
  • Vinyasa as Movement Meditation
  •  Five Rasa Mandala Namaskars – Circular Movement Meditations for embodying• Vira• Sringara• Shanti
  • Transformation of Mula Bandha for women for activation
  • Rasa Prana Vinyasa Sequences adapted to all levels
  • Body Flow–
  • Embodying the solar, lunar and central channel
  • Universal and Shakta Tantric-based  Mantra Mudra Meditation
  • Philosophy and General History of Rasa
  • Living yoga/wellness guidance in weekly progression
  • Emphasis on loving embodiment of the sacred
  • Tantrik, Bhakti, Ayurvedic of rasa as realization of sacred embodiment
  • Private what’s app and weekly live circle.

Our Mission

We will honor an energetic approach to embodiment within somatic and tantra to create a safe, trauma sensitive space to explore. We emphasize our role as yoga teachers and future wellness guides cultivating a training of compassion, integration and inclusivity.In a world where we can see the disconnecting effects of a “dim fire” or the burn out of the “excessive fire”, inner firekeeping is an all-encompassing metaphor for the yoga of householder life. Rasa Prana Flow brings together the movement alchemy for tending the fire of the many dimensions of ourselves .Our mission is to emerge nourished and inspired with tools to deepen your practice, teaching living yoga.



Shiva’s retreats explore the art of yoga in practical, creative and life transforming ways. Her studies in the Krishnamacharya lineage, tantra, ayurveda, bhakti, kalaripayattu, world dance, yogic art and somatic movement infuse her approach to living yoga and embodying the flow. She is a leading teacher of Prana Flow yoga worldwide. Shiva is known for bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic and life-transforming ways and for offering the synthesis form of vinyasa flow out in the world.

As a global adventurer, she has lead over 80 retreats and pilgrimages nationally and internationally as well as served as a creative catalyst for conferences, festivals and actions for the environment, yoga and the arts including the third annual Yogini Conference of Kripalu and Omega. Shiva writes for Yoga Journal and is the author of award-winning CD’s and DVD’s to empower and transform yoga home practice.

Registration is now open!

Email with any course questions. 

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