Rasa Prana Flow

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Samudra Global School of Living Yoga

Rasa Prana Flow

Embodying the Sacred  – Rasa Prana Flow – Movement Alchemy

Online Teacher Training-Practitioner Immersion with Shiva 

Embodying Love – Sringara Prana Flow November Month-Long Immersion

Begins Nov 1st – Open Enrollment

Embodying Peace – Shanti Prana Flow December Immersion

Rasa has many beautiful, inter-connected meanings. Within yoga and Ayurveda, rasa is our “inner juice” associated with Ojas generation, longevity, joy, devotion, and suppleness. In the arts, rasa is a immersion into the nine primary emotions that are transformed through the soul of music or painting. In the inner arts, rasa is the alchemy Without rasa, it is said, our experience of yoga and life, becomes “dry, rigid, routine.” 

Rasa Prana Flow explores the art of movement meditation and nenergetic vinyasa and sequencing to embody strength, fluidity, and living peace.Experience a full-spectrum yoga practice intensive into the art of Rasa – realization and sequencing to your life – integrating the essential understanding of embodying rasa and the power of movement alchemy integrating perspectives of rasa. from tantra, the arts and Ayurveda. Our juiciest module builds upon the Foundation, Elemental, and Chakra Prana Flow Pathways exploring wave-sequencing, half and full mandala namsaskaram.

Rasa Prana Flow invites us to teach and practice living flow that is sequenced in harmony with the energetic state of the day for activation, healing and rejuvenation to bring balance and “juice” to your practice, teaching and life.


An immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Prana Vinyasa  integrated with sublime teachings and meditations from Tantras and Somatic Movement meditation.

Our Journey

Will embrace weekly sacred training progression to embody and balance your life-energy designed by global teacher, pioneer and founder of Prana Vinyasa and Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. 

Through this practical and inspirational exploration of the nava rasa or nine rasa mandala, we will develop a transformative approach to movement- yoga alchemy  and learn to assess life-energy and any imbalances to translate this into practical vinyasa yoga sequences and soulful wellness* for our self, students, and living the flow of yoga.

Each Week

You will explore a new rasa prana vinyasa sequences to balance and liberate your system integrating chakra mandala namaskar, circular sequencing, tantric- based meditation, mantra, mudra, and yoga nidra (deep relaxation). We will also integrate weekly reading and opportunities for teachers elective for exploration and embodiment.


You can join as a practitioner or enroll in teachers weekly lab or (20 yoga alliance hours leading to 200-300 hr training certification or containing education).Experience the roots and evolution of Prana vinyasa as move through the Elemental and Rasa Prana Vinyasa sequences integrated with the teachings and meditations from the earliest Tantra. For Prana Vinyasa Teachers who have experienced this live with Shiva, new classes and material are part of this new online training just for women.

Teachers receive manual and sequences and learn from a pioneer in vinyasa as movement meditation and mandala sequencing. A code of respect is part of this teachers empowerment as all are welcome and all teachings and paths honored.

Highlights Include: 

  • Weekly/monthly guided experience by Shiva Rea with personal access in community circle for questions and collective women’s circle
  • Vinyasa as Movement Meditation
  •  Five Rasa Mandala Namaskars – Circular Movement Meditations for embodying Vira, Sringara and Shanti
  • Transformation of Mula Bandha for women for activation
  • Rasa Prana Vinyasa Sequences adapted to all levels
  • Body Flow
  • Embodying the solar, lunar and central channel
  • Universal and Shakta Tantric-based  Mantra Mudra Meditation
  • Philosophy and General History of Rasa
  • Living yoga/wellness guidance in weekly progression
  • Emphasis on loving embodiment of the sacred
  • Tantrik, Bhakti, Ayurvedic of rasa as realization of sacred embodiment
  • Private what’s app and weekly live circle.

October2021 | Vira Rasa/Offered Again in New Year

Learn to activate the spirit of tapas, heat, burning zeal, enthusiasm, unwavering discipline, or radiance as way to embrace the challenges on the mat and in life with intelligence, joy and devotion

November | Sringara Rasa

Explore bhakti sadhana embodied through a transformative prana flow heart-centered practice to liberate our natural, healing alchemy of love In practice and living yoga.

December | Shanti Rasa

Embody Shanti Prana Flow meditative vinyasa for being peace cultivating as a complete practice with ritual namaskars, mudra vinyasa, asanas of inner equilibrium.


Register for your choice of membership from three monthly payment options.

$108/Month Continuous Soulful Wellness Membership

$108/3 Months Rasa Only* Soulful Wellness Membership 

$154 One-Time Payment for a Single One Month Membership



Movement is life for Shiva Rea, M.A, global Prana Vinyasa teacher, activist, and innovator in the evolution of vinyasa yoga around the world from large-scale festivals and conferences to unplugged retreats, and is known for offering the synthesis form of Vinyasa Flow bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic, and life-transforming ways for over 25 years. 

and global community of guest artists

Soulful wellness is so supportive. The community space of like minded souls during these soulful times. Already made some beautiful connections with people. The holistic focus is lovely and what the path to the heart / wellbeing is totally about. The chance to be able to receive a holistic, well rounded certification at the end would be so supportive for my work.  I love how the three main sessions have a different focus – movement, soul roll, mudra meditation (and lovely to have that on a Sunday – the placement throughout the week seems so fitting to the weekly cycle). The relaxed nature of your school, do what you can when you can. Making it supportive to our path is perfect and no stress. And great for the mamas and all! Being able to study with you again – being able to reopen my teacher training to complete, and go through the core aspects of Prana Flow once again, bringing much clarity. So many are going through deep transformation – the course is just perfect and supportive on many levels. The three platforms are awesome in their unique ways. The readings are also perfect.  I had a dream this course was going to empower and activate my ability as a guide / teacher… To be able to explain why certain practices help in a rational way, as quite often I’m a little intuitive working in the realms of sound and energy – this is so needed to connect with the more rational minds. Also movement for all! YES. Love this. This is how I feel I’d like to share movement. Already feeling so much more grounded and connected from the course. Very grateful for all and looking forward to the course with an open heart and inner smile. ALL GOOD! Thank you!

– Soulful Wellness Student

Registration is now open!

Email with any teacher training questions.  

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