Vinyasa and Soulful Wellness Guide 300hr

Vinyasa and Soulful Wellness Guide 300hr

Become a Prana Vinyasa Teacher!

Embodying the Sacred

Chakra Prana Flow for Creative Empowerment

With Shiva Rea

Muladhara ~ Swadhisthana ~ Manipura ~ Chakra Cultivation

Experience an immersion to tend the inner fire through the transformative full-spectrum practice of Chakra Prana Flow integrated with sublime teachings and meditations from Tantras and Somatic Movement meditation. Our journey will embrace weekly sacred training to embody the fire while focusing on “one chakra a month” in a four weekly progressions offered and designed by global teacher, pioneer and founder of Prana Vinyasa and Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. Each week you will experience your solar, lunar, sacred training and meditation practice.

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Heart of the Yogini
with Shiva Rea

Women's Circle

Oh Lalla, why do you keep on
wandering, and looking outside yourself?
Kindle inner fire and the One
will appear as a love that fills the heart of the yogini.
- Lalleshwari, 13th century Yogini

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Free For All~Open Now

Flow For All
Power of Pranams In Changing times

Soulful Movement Meditation
with Shiva
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Every breath. Every day,

May we evolve deeper in love.
Pranams is the foundation in the revival of soulful movement meditation as the essential practice of releasing and rising. Our new global online course includes an offering of our Prana flow Mandala mat to go with the practice.

rootSrise- power of pranams

Begin anytime and join the journey of the year in a soulful movement meditation ~ Pranams.

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