Riley Skye

F. Riley
MS, LAc., MAOM, RYT-500, C.Ay
Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine (C.Ay), Ayurvedic Institute; Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAOM), NESA at MCPHS University; Tufts University School of Medicine, MS-PREP; Certified Children’s Yoga Teacher Candidate, Little Flower Yoga; Pro Yoga Therapist Candidate, Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy.

Riley Skye, MS, LAc., MAOM, RYT-500, C.Ay is a Jyotish Astrologer, Yoga Therapist, Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine (C.Ay), and Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Riley has over seven years of clinical experience using evidence based therapies, experiential techniques, and subtle-body methods to holistically manage pain and suffering.

Sathya Narayan

Yoga & Vinyasa, Kalarippayatu

Gurukaal at CVN Kalari in Kerala, India.

Shiva Rea

Movement is life for Shiva Rea, M.A, global Prana Vinyasa teacher, activist, and innovator in the evolution of vinyasa yoga around the world from large-scale festivals and conferences to unplugged retreats, and is known for offering the synthesis form of Vinyasa Flow bringing the roots of yoga alive for modern practitioners in creative, dynamic, and life-transforming ways for over 25 years.

She is a pioneer in reviving the art of namaskar through diverse namaskars or salutations as well as developing wave-sequencing, three-part vinyasa to teaching alignment in the flow, energetic alignment, multi-dimensional sequencing, mandala circular wave-sequencing, rasa prana vinyasa, and integrating the creative, spontaneous movement known as “sahaja” in post-modern yoga.

Christopher Tompkins

Meditation Arts

I am a Yoga practitioner and Sanskrit scholar specializing in the tradition of Tantric Shaivism. My research focuses in particular on the ritualized practices of ‘Hatha’ Yoga as originally presented in the earliest surviving (un-translated) Tantras which pre-date the later ‘Hatha Yoga’ manuals by centuries. I hold advanced degrees in Religion and Sanskrit and present seminars internationally on the history, practice, and philosophy of Yoga.

In 2012, I founded the ‘Kashmir Shaivism Preservation Project,’ which seeks to preserve and to freely share the literary legacy of Kashmir Shaivism, To date I have acquired over 24,000 pages of manuscripts, most of which have never been seen in the west, that span the vast subject range of Philosophy, Ritual, and Yoga representing the medieval Tantric tradition.

Demetri Velisarius

Meditation Arts

Demetri Velisarius BSW / RYT 200, in his years of experience and skills as a social worker, movement healer and meditation teacher and with influence from his partner yogini Shiva Rea culminated in the creation and development of unique style of yoga called, PranaDandaYoga: A skillful mind~body training method that incorporates a five~foot flexible staff (danda) as a divining rod of alignment interwoven with Prana Flow yoga postures that centers the mind with one pointed concentration and calm abiding.

Demetri is an E-RYT-certified Prana Vinyasa Yoga teacher, AFFA-certified personal trainer and cycling coach and continues his studies with meditation masters in the Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu tradition. He has completed numerous pilgrimages and retreats over the past 20 years including a cloistered 108 day Tibetan yoga and silent meditation retreat with Lama Willa Baker. Demetri is dedicated to the living dharma and his teachings are drawn from his varied life experiences from the authenticity of the streets to wisdom of mountain retreats.

Nubia Teixeira

Creative Arts

Nubia Teixeira, a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Thai Yoga massage practitioner, and Reiki master, began began teaching yoga in her home country of Brazil in 1990, and in the United States in 2001. She has trained in all aspects of yoga practice and philosophy, including in-depth studies of Hindu mythology and archetypes, singing, bhakti dance, Tibetan Buddhist traditional prayers, meditations, self-healing practices, and the art of Odissi dance in the tradition of Madhavi Mudgal.

Nubia Teixeira travels around the world with her husband, Jai Uttal, teaching workshops in yoga, bhakti dance, and pranayama. Her classes are rooted in the heart of bhakti, incorporating the techniques of Ashtanga Yoga, the alignments of Iyengar Yoga, pranayama, prayer, meditation, and a passion for all forms of dance, especially bhakti dance. Her teaching style is flexible, spontaneous, and sensitive to the needs of all her students, beginners and advanced alike.


Michelle Nayali Bouvier

Creative Arts: Hoop Vinyasa

A lifelong dancer-scientist-yogini-mystic, yoga found Michelle at age 15 and transformed her world. Today Michelle is certified Prana VinyasaTM E-RYT 500+, on her way to a Professional 1008hr Certification, as well as an Advanced Certified AcroYoga teacher, Thai Yoga Therapist, creator of Vinyasa of the Hoop & Circle Sadhana, and a pioneer in the global Hoopdance movement.

The perfection of the Universe revealed itself through her dance with the circle, the Hoop, which merged her lifetime love of math, geometry, and patterns of flow, the varied skills of her physical training, the sensitivity of awareness cultivated in yogic practice, with a playful and infinitely creative tool for ecstatic embodiment. In love at first spin in 2006, Nayeli is still in awe of the hoop’s power as a personal practice to transform emotions, empower our authentic selves, and open up new pathways of movement expression. A pioneer of the form, Michelle is a leading teacher in the still growing hoop community, uniquely weaving in yoga, biomechanics and philosophy into offering the hoop as a personal sādhana (spiritual practice).

Maria E Garré, M.Ed, ERYT 500

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist + Ayurvedic Practitioner + Prana Vinyasa Instructor

A sought after teacher, educator and innovator in the field of yoga + ayurveda, Maria delivers practical and inspirational information that is accessible to all. She brings together over 20 years of experience in biomedical sciences, philosophy, yoga and ayurveda to not only train yoga and ayurvedic practitioners world-wide, but to also lead workshops and rejuvenating retreats. She has been on faculty for the world renowned Ayurvedic Institute, is an Ambassador for Banyan Botanicals, serves on the standards committee for NAMA and is a guest instructor for several certification programs worldwide. Devoting more then 10 years of study with her root teachers Vasant Lad and Shiva Rea, Maria has created transformational programs through her Live in Balance courses and wellness consultations.

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“To Live in Balance is the One Practice for Life” – MANTRA Magazine

Caitlin Marcoux

Healing Arts 

Caitlin is the founder of Paddle Nantucket which offers guided paddle tours of Nantucket, PaddleFit classes and Standup Paddle Yoga, and Strong Girls Yoga, a yoga-based curriculum that seeks to support Nantucket’s young women in the cultivation of self-esteem, mindfulness, and physical awareness.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Caitlin is a mother, writer, SUP racer, road cyclist, clinical massage therapist and cancer ninja. She has advanced certifications in both prenatal and children’s yoga, and has an extensive background in PranaFlow. A former modern dancer, she fuses her passion for movement and music with her love of traditional yoga; keeping her teaching creative, playful and fresh. Her classes are primarily vinyasa-based and infused with the teachings of the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions and the influences of her teachers Shiva Rea, and Ganga White.