Delphi -Daily Schedule

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Delphi Retreat

Daily Schedule

Weekly Program 

Full Moon July 23-29th Prana Flow – Full Moon Temple to the Sea 

Space Reserved for 38  


* morning prana flow yoga and meditation from the temple of Athena, Delphi Shala space or on the shore of the crystal clear waters of Itea, ancient pilgrimage center with Crete just 15 minutes from the center of our retreat


* afternoon sunset yoga and movement meditation journey in sacred spaces in the mountains overlooking the ocean and virgin olive groves and ancient pilgrimage pathway


* swim at nearby sea, explore taverna picnics, rest, local healting treatments, massages, local artisan shopping  


  • three hours in the morning with Shiva as your guide and three hours in the evening exploration with picnic meals (optional at registration) with Shiva as your guide.  
  • learn Greek language + dancing from local Delphians  
  • pilgrimage to Mt. Parnassos with live ancient music on the trail of the Maeneades, female dance tradition
  • movement meditation in the temples of Apollo and original site of the Oracle 

We request your flexibility with above schedule, as all will be balanced. Some days we may offer 2 hour asana with longer excursions, some days longer asana with shorter excursions.  One day we will have six full hours on mountain.

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