Nourishing the Body of Love ~ Inner Union Practices for Women
Yoginis ~ with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

Nourishing the Body of Love ~ Inner Union Practices for Women

Tending the Body of Love: Shakti Prana Flow for Yogini~
with Shiva Rea & Demetri Velisarius

Om Sringara Rasa Sampuranaye Namaha

I bow to the One who is overflowing with divine eros!

Spring Sacred Training with Shiva Livestream and New/Archive

In these soulful times, the art of cultivating the regenerative power of love is a great offering to your Self, your relationships and as a lover of life to the world.

We will create a safe space to explore the art of sensuality, sahajoli Mudra, yoni power, sexual health and empowerment, satisfaction as embodying Sringara Rasa for regeneration and empowerment.

Sringara rasa (the inner “juice of eros”) is the great antidote and miracle tonic (hormonally connected to oxytocin/seroronin) for nourishing the drying effects of everyday stresses of life.

Heart of Yogini – Embodying Love group meets in monthly retreats followed by weekly heart of yogini rasa group with Shiva live or livestream. For Heart of Yogini members, you receive a live monthly retreat plus monthly portal of curated “Shakti Prana Flow/Fluid Core Practices” that gives you a weekly palette of sacred exploration and embodiment to enjoy daily, weekly and throughout the month.

These “Shakti Prana Flow – Fluid Core” practice is a synthesis offering of Shakti Sadhana, Prana Flow Yoga, Somatic and Movement Meditation nourish our embodiment and exploration of our inner current of flow as an offering for regeneration of sensual health, cellular connection, embodying love within and in realization of “sringara rasa as the eros of creation”.

In our sadhana, we will embrace where we are – with an inner consort within your Self and/or with an outer consort (with a partner if you are currently in relationship).In this introduction to the mystical-practical exploration of the body of love and the “consort path”, we will explore how yoga, movement, meditation and life-practices can cultivate sringara rasa (embodied eros) and the bhakti of sacred union. We will explore short practices for connecting with the sacred masculine (staff or danda) and feminine (lotus) can deepen and enhance the flow of love at all levels of our being and life.

For both women and men, singles or couples, we will nourish the regenerative power of love and union with the beloved within and in our life through this juicy sadhana.

We will cultivate both our world view as well as embodied practices for tending our body of love – the living circulation of a fluid love and realization of eros – the greek equivalant of sringara rasa – as the natural essence of creation and our own embodiment.

Your “Shakti Prana Flow Matrix” gives you a daily, weekly and monthly portal to explore and evolve according to your flow from 10 min to 3 hours a day of sacred Training

Your sadhana includes:

* Monthly Heart of Yogini Rasa Retreat – Half-Day/Full Day April 18,

* Live transmission of a Shakti Prana Flow – Creative Core with Inner Bandhas, Open secrets, fluid movement, creative awakening

* Sharing of Open Secret – Yoni Bandha, Sahajoli Mudra, Sensual Health

*Eight Kramas of Sensual Embodiment – Shiva’s Inner Lasya Pathways

*Daily Sunrise Morning and Sunset/Moonset Evening Inner Consort Meditation

* Solar or Lunar Bhakti Pranayama

* Weekly – Seven Juicy 20-30 minute practices for every day of the week – video practices filmed in Santorini and White Sands, New Mexico

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