Prana Flow Soulful Wellness Guide Program and Training
Wellness Guide Empowerment Certification

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Prana Flow Soulful Wellness Guide Program and Training

Join our juicy program, to empower you to offer soulful prana flow and healthful living for all

Prana Flow Yoga + Wellness Guide Trainings provide movement meditation, meditation and life-style tools to tenth sacred fire of our vital energy and soul purpose giving tools for client/mittras to activate soulful wellness as a way of life.

Our Prana Flow Wellness Guide Program focuses on your own life-integration working directly in a peer-collective with your own health, inner fire of your life-force, happiness in one’s relations and communion with your soul purpose in a open collective.

Soulful Wellness for Vital Living courses are for students as well as professionals/teachers by building organic community in our living flow online and live retreats focused on tending the inner fire, embodying vitality, and connection by living in rhythm from sunrise to sunset, new moon to full moon, new year to seasonal rhythms, life changes and personal-collective vision.

Our wellness guide program focuses empowering prana vinyasa teachers as life-style teachers passing on on personal self-care tools from yoga, meditation, prana vinyasa, unar prana flow, sacred training, sahaja prana flow, and prana danda applied to everyday life.

In 2021, All Samudra Teacher Trainees, Graduates of 200/300 or 500 hour Prana Flow Teacher Training are open to enroll in the online wellness guide certification, to empower you to experience living yoga and seasonal vitality within your own life as the foundation to serve the world.

Our trainings are rejuvenating and created to inspire, activate your life journey.

Jan – Tending the Sacred Fire – Ritual Activation of the Journey of the Year

In these soulful times, may we tend the sacred fire of our connection to prana, vital-energy, soul-passion and living in rhythm with our fiery solar core as we begin another journey of the year – a new decade.

Dec 31-Jan 1st Live Ritual Fire + Life Navigation Retreat

Jan 15th – Journey of the Year Begins- Open Enrollment till Feb.

Jan 18th Heart of Yogini – Yogini Chakra Begins

for $108/month All Members Receive:
4 NEW LIVE One Hour Sessions
TWO LIVE ZOOM Sessions for Teacher Sessions
20 Hours of Teacher Training
LIVE What’s App Mobile Community with access for questions and modeling of heart-based community where you can ask Shiva questions and unfold on our path.
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