Prana Flow Soulful Wellness Guide Program and Training

Wellness Guide Empowerment Certification

Course Overview

Prana Flow Soulful Wellness Guide

* Now for the first time! 
New LIVEstream

•Embodying Mudra Meditation - New Offering of Elemental or Heart Mudra a week
•Rhythmic Prana Vinyasa - Roots Series for July
•Lunar Prana Flow - Ojas Sessions
•Sacred Training - Body Mandala 108
•Soul-Roll - Prana Nadi Massage Sessions
•108 Pranams on New and Full Moon Cycles towards Sept 21st Collective
•Level 2-3 Full Elemental Solar Practice filmed in Costa Rica, Greece and California
•Prana Danda Yoga with Inner Staff, a real staff or your inner light saber with Demetri
•Meditation as Prayer with Demetri (compassion practice)
(10 hr teacher training hours for practices - no teacher training lectures)

For Teachers:

Live Zoom Teaching Teaching workshops + Soulful Circles with Shiva and Pulse Collective
•Art of Namaskar - Vinyasa in the Tradition of Movement Meditation with lecture and exchange
•Soul-Roll - Weekly Self-Care Topics in Earth Body, Fluid Body, Inner Fire with massage and community circle
For 200-500 Certifications
Thursday 8:30-9:30 TEACHER LAB
Prana Vinyasa Teaching Labs with Samudra Certification Team with teacher trainer Devon Sweeney, Katie Johnson
and assisted by Elika Aird and Rain Maher (via posts)

You will receive:

•awaken a life-long approach to wellness and life-navigation as fire keeping
•embodying practice for personal, seasonal change
•Learn, Embody and Apply 12-24 Namaskars (Classical and Prana Flow Root Namaskars)
•Learn new variations and movement meditation in a systematic flow
•Go deeper into classical practices while learning new variations every week to apply to your teachings.
•Optional Lunar, Solar, or Solar-Lunar Sadhana
•Access to full “peak asana” level 2-3 solar-lunar Root foundation Vinyasa
•Evolve your inner and outer practice through pathways leading to five elemental family of asanas
•as the foundation of the Mandala of 40 Namaskar + Elemental Prana Vinyasa Pathways of Flow including
•hip opening, backebending, standing asanas, arm balances, forward bends and supine asana with a movement meditation intention to
•embodiment that is accessible to all.
•For Teacher Training Yoga Alchemy Program with 10 Solar-Lunar practices Prana Vinyasa Wave - ”Peak Asana“ Sequences - Level 1-3
Lifestyle: Living in Rhythm
Our Vital Living Wellness is designed for practitioners and yoga teachers who want to embody, teach and serve a holistic life-path guide.
* Know thy Self – Beginning the journey of knowing your body and cultivating cellular intelligence in basic Ayurveda, somatics and yogic tools for embodying your natural state.
* Lifestyle tools to “Caress Stress to tend the fire of stress in these times.
* Live in rhythm with nature - the sun, moon, and seasonal cycles for greater harmony.
* Cultivate accessible self-care tools for daily, evening, weekly, lunar, seasonal tending of our vital fire
* Nutrition focused on evidence-based “Anti-Inflammatory” Plant-Food suggestions for your choices and to empower your students with general options for vital living.