Flowing like a river
The Art of Kalaripayattu
and the Primal Vinyasa ™

with Gurukkal Sathyanarayanan and Kalari Vinyasa with Shiva Rea

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Teachers $75.00 - Email for Registration

Participation in this course requires application. Upon acceptance, you will receive an
invoice for $75 to join the course, with your agreement to the exchange below.

Please email your interest and background to shiva@yogadventures.com. 

If you are pursuing a 108 Kalari certificate please request the Kalari program guidelines.


This course is based on sharing the flowing form of Kalarippayatu - a lineage system for benefit of personal practice.

Signing up for this course is an agreement to honor that lineage and respect the roots of that system.
This online course does not authorize you to teach any part of the Kalari system or Kalari Vinyasa without teacher training and permission after several years of practice.


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