Embodying the Sacred Flow – Saraswati Shakti Prana Vinyasa
Saraswati Shakti Prana Vinyasa with Shiva Rea

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Embodying the Sacred Flow – Saraswati Shakti Prana Vinyasa

Embodying Saraswati – Shakti Prana Flow Lunar Retreat Day
Jan. 23, Vasant PanchamiI am so happy to invite you to join me on this most beautiful day of the year, Saraswati Puja.

Experience a beautiful in-home retreat of three essential practices that you can practice at any time:

Includes shakti prana flow, and meditation/relaxation. From the practices and guide posted, you are able to access a sadhana to renew your connection to Saraswati. This universal Devi, is “She who flows” – is the sacred energy that pours through all beings, nourishing men and women through the healing experience of embodying the creative current as natural flow. Let us practice together…
You will receive in your in-home retreat:

Live Meditation with Shiva
Saraswati Shakti Prana Vinyasa (20 min) from Yogini DVD (
Live Saraswati Meditation, Ritual Puja, Mantra and Meditation (30 min)
Shakti Yoga Nidra (10 min)

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