Rasa Vinyasa Tending your Inner Fire
With Shiva Rea Vira * Sringara * Shanti Living Yoga Sadhana

Course Overview

Rasa Vinyasa Tending your Inner Fire

Course Overview

Rasa Vinyasa
Yoga Alchemy

Welcome and enjoy Rasa Vinyasa:Tending your Inner Fire!

Join us for Rasa Vinyasa: Tending your Inner Fire as we listen deep and cultivate the path that nourishes and empowers us – the inner juice or rasa and the alchemy of tending the fire of our life-force in changing times.

We will cultivate three primary rasas based upon Shiva’s integration and offering of Rasa Vinyasa for over a decade around the world as movement alchemy integrating the Tantric, Ayurvedic and Bhakti cultivation of our life-force.

As we begin the new year, we cultivate the hero warrior (vira rasa), the lover (sringara rasa) to the power of peace (shanti rasa) – the three primary rasas or states of being in 12 juicy practices to activate, sustain and regenerate in the new year.

Join our amazing global community of lovers of life.

Each week receive three videos to balance your system with the prana vinyasa movement alchemy system encompassing the solar (Vira), lunar (Shanti) and solar-lunar regenerating of love (Sringara). All practices are anchored in its own portal so you can continue to practice for life. Together we will explore this activation as we enter the new year.

21 Day Practices include:

Vira Prana Vinyasa – Embodying Courage and Sacred Strength
3 1.5 hour Solar Prana Vinyasa Practices including two vira namaskar sadhanas
20 min daily vira meditation
Weekly Live FB post/email of practice

Sringara Prana Vinyasa – Embodying the Power of Love
3 1.5 hour Solar Practices including two sringara namaskar sadhanas
20 min daily sringara meditation
Weekly Live FB post/ email of practice

Shanti Prana Vinyasa – Being Peace
3 Lunar Practices including
20 min daily shanti meditation
Weekly Live FB post/ email of practice

Rasa Vinyasa: Yoga Alchemy Engage with other students and the instructors for this course in real time.

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