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Bhakti Nova

 Intro to the Art of Odissi, Indian Classical Dance with Nubia Teixeira

4 classes ~

Odissi Dance is a highly sculpturesque and devotional classical dance from the state of Orissa, now called Odissa, East India.

Originally performed only inside of temples, Odissi expresses the emotions of heart and the stories of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses through mudras, facial expressions, and a wide variety of body movements.

Odissi is divided into two aspects: Nritta (pure dance) or dance that expresses movement and rhythm and Nritya (story telling) based on the choreographer’s interpretation of a sacred text.

Odissi dance is a spiritual path and it requires deep physical dedication and concentration until you can feel the rasas flowing through you while dancing.

In this course, you will have a taste of Odissi and an overview of this classical form.

Nubia offers “her take” on Odissi for the yogi/yogini/bhakta, with the intention to have you experiencing devotion in motion.

Nubia has been dedicated to the sacred dance of Odissi since 1997. She started her training with Sonia Galvao in Sao Paulo, studied in India for 3 months at Madhavi Mudhgal school in Delhi and since 2001 she has been a devoted student of Sri Vishnu Tattwa Das in Northern California.

Lesson 1 – Body Shapes, Foot Work, Torso Movement, Eyes Movement, Turns, Bhumi Pronam and Pushpanjali Offering.
You will be introduced to the depth and subtleties of this dance.
Focusing on the single parts of the body and the simple movements of an introductory class you will build the foundation to compose the full phrases of this dance. In this class you will learn Bhumi Pronam, a salutation to the Earth Mother; and Pushpanjali, a Flower offering ritual to a chosen deity or Ishta-Devata.

Lesson 2 – Intro to Tribanga and Chouka (stationary and in movement) and Arasa 1.
The beauty of Odissi lays on the interplay of two main shapes; Tribanga or three bends in the body (feminine), and Chouka or square shape (masculine). You will learn three of these steps that will prepare you do dance your first Arasa – small pure dance.

Lesson 3 – Offering dance to Ganesha.

You will be introduced to a mangalacharam – offering dance.
Nubia has created dance for Ganesha, the remover of obstacles, for you to dance and plug into his grace.
All the steps and mudras are traditional and they are put together in a simple way for you to memorize.
The intention is for you to have a dance that you can begin your day with, or your yoga practice with.

Lesson 4- Devotional dance to a poem/song for Krishna.

You will learn a dance inspired on the mood of pallavi – blossoming.
Nubia has created for you a dance that shows the leela (play) between Radha and Krishna. Radha’s love for Krishna is a metaphor for the soul’s love for union with the divine. Song by Jai Uttal based on a poem of Govinda-dasa ( book in praise of Krishna).
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Bhakti Nova ~ Intro to the Art of Odissi, Indian Classical Dance with Nubia Teixeira
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