Heart of Yogini Spring Yogini Circle with Shiva Rea
Includes guidance for Spring Navaratri

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Heart of Yogini Spring Yogini Circle with Shiva Rea

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Welcome to a ten-day spring shakti sadhana (practice) for women around the world coming together live to support, awaken, nourish and embody our relationship to Great Mother diring the 10-day global festival period of Vasant (Spring) Nava (nine) Ratri (nights) to guide our evolution, seed visions, health and well-being in relation to our Great Mother earth.

We begin with our innermost connection to the heart of the mother and slowly over the course of the year to understand by heart a yogini’s living sadhana in harmony with the rhythm, embodiment and lifestyle.

Experience a weekly moon-day practice in a circle for women as we embody a natural, journey aligned with the journey of the year to embody the Goddess through the seasons.

Every week, we will study and learn different aspect of Shakti Sadhana and enjoy a curated menu of an array of shakti movement meditations from the pathways of prana flow practices.

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