Heart of Yogini Navaratri

with Shiva Rea

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Teachers $27
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Free for past participants!

* women in our angel pass program who receive this course for free (email yogaalcemy108@gmail.com)
Every day, we will experience a complete flow including ritual puja, Devi Kavacha (Sacred Inner Armor of Mantra) from Shakti Sadhana, and Shakti Pranams with mantra.
Enjoy shakti movement meditations for deeper embodiment of Ma Durga, Ma Lakshmi and Ma Saraswati as emanations of the Great Mother.
Embody a natural, universal and lineage practices to connect to the heart of the Great Mother, the Maha Yogini, the heart of Sri Chakra, forever in union with MahaYogin.

We begin with our innermost connection to the heart of the mother and slowly over the course of the year to understand by heart a yogini’s living sadhana in harmony with the rhythm, embodiment and lifestyle.
This year-long open circle is intended to support embodiment and our daily connection to the Goddess within. To deepen with both lineage and creative practices Shakti Sadhana, to receive support in the yogini circle and awaken our understanding of the Great Mother Goddess traditions and historical yoginis.


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