Heart of Yogini Navaratri
with Shiva Rea

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Heart of Yogini Navaratri

Welcome to Navaratri!

Enjoy our Shakti Sadhana course this year including the Shakti Pranams – Daily 108 for the Great Mother.
We open to the power of Navaratri or the Nine-Nights for daily meditation, ritual, mantra, prana vinyasa shakti namaskars and community altars.

Navaratri is a 10-day sadhana period dedicated to the triple form of the Great Mother that is celebrated around the world during the transforming period of the Equinox when the world is in a delicate balance.

Shakti Sadhana opens our life to transform (Ma Durga), create (Ma Saraswati), sustain as abundant love (Sri Lakshmi) and celebrate the victory of consciousness as the culminating point of the sadhana period (Vijaya Dashami).

This journey is accompanied by simple life-sadhanas and a period of blessing and fortifying one’s home to bless and celebrate the fruition of the year’s journey at the following New Moon. This is a process that is inclusive to all spiritual backgrounds and encourages a personal approach to the universal teachings and practical wisdom of yoga.

Sadhana includes guided audio meditations and videos.

You can choose from 10 minutes to 1.5 hour of practice a day and connect with the collective in this transformative sadhana. Once you enroll, you can join the group every year.

May all beings know the peace and support of the Great Mother.

Jaya Mataji ki Jai!

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