Mandala of Asanas Teacher Study Empowerment
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Course Overview

Mandala of Asanas Teacher Study Empowerment

Welcome to your Mandala of Asanas Study Guide and Resource for your Prana Vinyasa teacher training. This is a supplemental study course required for teachers in addition to the primary course for each module- Foundation, Elemental. It will familiarize you with the asanas and techniques associated with each sequence.

This course is the most comprehensive guide for teacher trainees and teacher trainers, everything you need in one place!

This unique Prana Vinyasa home study process created to help Prana Vinyasa teachers learn to teach the energetic alignment in the flow.

Mandala of Asanas

We will understand through the five primary pathways of prana vinyasa how the sequences transmit the intelligent unfolding, movement patterns and key actions highlighted by the “three-part Prana Vinyasa method.

Enjoy a self-guided course to anchor the alignment study for the main families of peak asanas: ~hip openers,backbends, arm balances, standing balance asanas, twists and forward bends~

You can follow our weekly guide with mentors or set your pace as you practice one sequence a week and study the energetic alignment method within the prana vinyasa teacher training.

This module serves all pathways of prana vinyasa practice courses and includes all you need for your required “text books” including the online reference tools: Mandala of Asanas and The Art of Namaskar.

Course Highlights:

* Online Eflow/MOA manual for reference

  • Practice, review and study of 5 “family of asanas” which become the basis for all prana vinyasa sequences
  • Includes access to Mandala of Asana interactive reference tool with over 400 photos/short video examples and 70 blueprint asanas,
  • Interactive process to learn teaching cues for the 3-part vinyasas to explore teaching in your own voice
  • Shiva’s compendium of ALL of the key  

-Prana Flow Pulsation™ (Pulsation Vinyasa)  -Body Prana Flow ™ (Body Vinyasa)
-Rhythmic Prana Flow ™ (Rhythmic Vinyasa)

  • Prana Flow – “underlying movements of prana” in the over 70 asanas
  • Key Actions of the Blueprint Asanas –primary movement patterns to awaken the flow of prana and energetic alignment within an asana
  • Prana flow foot patterns and the bandhas that activate the energy flow of standing asanas
  • Misalignments and Contraindications are the key awareness we need to be able to experience within our own bodies, see in our students, and then be able to offer cues through the three-part vinyasa and hands-on assist/enhancement
  • Visual reference of some of the Hands-on Assists, Adjustments and Prana Vinyasa Enhancements
  • Somatic (embodied effect) of an asana within its underlying form

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This is a course to support the teachers in the Samudra teacher training community.
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Course Content

Mandala of Asanas Study Circle
Foundation Earth: Bhujapidasana-Visvamitrasana
Foundation Water: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
Foundation Fire: Bakasana
Foundation Air: Natarajasana
Foundation Space: Vasisthasana
Elemental Earth: Visvamitrasana
Elemental Water: Mandala Urdhva Dhanurasana
Elemental Fire: Galavasana
Elemental Air: Urdhva Dhanurasana Dropbacks
Elemental Space: Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana