Living in Cosmic Rhythm 101
Jyotish Vedic Astrology Immersion

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Living in Cosmic Rhythm 101

With guest Jyotisha, Riley Skye And Prana Flow Movement Alchemy with Shiva Rea

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Join Jyotisha, Riley Skye and Shiva Rea in a sacred journey to understand the foundations of living in cosmic rhythm. Our Sunday Soul Syncs will explore the planetary cycles and their effect on our physiological, psychological, and social patterns. In addition, you will learn how these phenomena personally affect your life in relation to your own natal chart. During this cosmic immersion, we will survey the powerful macro-cycles linked and synced to holy-days/festivals honored within Vedic/Tantric sadhana. The cosmic power of these sacred events, the new + full moon energies, as well as solar/ seasonal potential will be harnessed through embodied rituals of attunement and activation; all aligned to the rhythms of heaven.

Enjoy a journey of synching with the cosmic rhythm through knowing your own Vedic Astrology chart and how to embody the subtle changes to the flow.

Experience a bi-monthly circle in a collective as a ritual of attunement and activation with the power of the new + full moon as well as solar seasons.

Join Jyotisha, Riley Skye and Shiva as we enter a sacred journey to understand the foundations of Living in Cosmic Rhythm for practitioners and yoga teachers alike.

  • Introduction to Cosmic Rhythm – the vinyasa cycles of time and living in rhythm in the daily solar, lunar, weekly, monthly, seasonal and longer planetary cycles
  • Understanding your Birth-Chart and Current Cycles
  • The Dasha – Navigating the larger planetary cycles and sub-cycles of your life
  • Navagraha – the Celestial Planets of our solar system Plus the two lunar nodes and their effect
  • Bhava Chakra + Karaka – the 12 Bhavas or Houses of a Chart in the mandala of one’s life and the planetary ruler and influence.
  • Introduction to Rasi, Nakshatras & the Stars – the 12twelve sidereal solar signs, and the 27 Nakshatras, the lunar “mansions”, four padas and their rulers
  • Gocharas – transits of the planets from your birth chart and present as well
  • Yogas – planetary combinations in your chart and the effect of conjunctions upon our collective flow.
  • Living in Cosmic Rhythm and Prana Flow Movement Alchemy – How to navigate cosmic rhythm for self-knowledge and ability to read the energy of collective flow.

Riley Skye, MS, LAc., MAOM, RYT-500, C.Ay is a Jyotish Astrologer, Yoga Therapist, Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine (C.Ay), and Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Riley has over seven years of clinical experience using evidence based therapies, experiential techniques, and subtle-body methods to holistically manage pain and suffering.

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