Course Overview

Hoop Vinyasa

Please join me in this inaugural online course of Hoop Vinyasa, a fluid embodied practice with roots in vinyasa yoga, inspiration from circular movement forms, and a hoop as your practice partner.

Hoop Vinyāsa grew from my life as a yogini and my love of hoopdance. While warming up for hoop practice, needing a break from intense dancing, or to cool down, I’d naturally find myself using the hoop to stretch, strengthen, and stabilize the body.
As a tool, the hoop invites the spirit of play, curiosity, and discovery into embodied practice. As a prop, integration of the hoop supports energetic alignment of the physical forms, balanced flow of transitions between asanas and other movement, and heightened awareness from including a novel prop.
Movement sequences cultivate patience, sensitivity, and awaken an energetic experience of deep connection in the spine, our axis. The hoop becomes a teacher for moving in curves, spirals, multiple axes, and in the non-linear world we inhabit. Hoop Vinyasa pathways are inspired by yoga asana-vinyasa, hoopdance as its own art form, and current research into non-linear functional anatomy.
An important element of Hoop Vinyasa is pulsation-based creative kriyas, or Rhythmic Vinyasas, which help create a state of rhythmic entrainment- synchronization of body, mind, and breath through rhythmic repetition.
Step into the Circle! May the hoop bless your practice with discovery, depth, and joy!

This unique, 7-day course includes seven practice sections, each only 10-15 minutes. Each section is meant to be repeated 1-3 times after enjoying one of the warm-up sections to create a full practice. Once you have familiarity with all of the flows, they can be practiced in sequence in about 80 minutes.
Your Course Includes:
  • 3 warm-up flows
  • 1 core cultivation flow
  • 3 Virabhadranasa flows
  • 1 Sahaja Movement Meditation with three ways to initiate sahaja flow with the hoop

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