Heart of the Yogini

Embodying Sacred Unity

Course Overview



MONDAY JULY 6TH (four moondays or continue every month).
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Monthly 4 classes a month
Our Mondays Heart of Yogini
Soma Prana Flow movement meditation
🌺Atma Puja
🌺sacred nyasa
🌺mantra and reflection
7:30 - 8:30 a.m pst
Live or Replay
(practice as you like through the week)
8:30-9:30 a.m pst LIVE Teachings +`1-1 Yogini Circle
We will integrate Heart of Yogini pathways as well as begin our devotional study of Lalita Sahasranama or thousand names of the Goddess as cultivated from my Yogini teacher, beloved Amma and the practice she encourages for householders who want to cultivate direct relationship to Great Mother.

Weekly Somavar - Sacred Moonday/Mondays for Prana Flow 

The heart of the yogini is a open circle of women gathering to
* tend the fire of our life-force and spiritual journey as women
* to embody our connection to the Goddess within, and
* to deepen with both lineage and creative practices of Shakti Sadhana
* to create a safe space to listen in soulful circles and pods to receive support during these soulful times and
* to awaken our understanding of the Great Mother Goddess traditions and historical yoginis.
* to receive a grounding in Shakti Sadhana from Atma Puja and Mantra Sadhana, connected Mata Amritanada Mayi Ma, Ammachi, Bhakti, Tantra and Ayurvedic householder ritual practices
* evolution of a universal space in Shakti Prana Flow
creative flowering" approach to Women's Arts based in 20 years of offering vinyasa as movement meditation.
Open to All women at all phases of life
July connects to the holy month of Shravan, July beginning with the full moon eclipse. During this month, women integrate meditation, pujas offerings and prayers to call in their beloved. Our sadhana will focus on embodying sacred union, by realizing the consort within with self-care, seasonal ayurvedic wellness, and community.
The first monday, July 6 is called Sharvan Somavar connected to the Vrat that each woman invokes for her partner as inner consort, for calling in a partner, or for cultivating union with the partner she is with.
Seva donations to Amma.org and purple mandala mat (new-full moon angel giveaway).