Heart of Yogini
Heart of Yogini 2021 Embodying the Sacred Flow

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Heart of Yogini

Weekly Somavar – Sacred Moonday/Mondays for Sahaja Prana Flow

Join a circle to connect modern-day yoginis with the universal and lineage yoga traditions that honor the Shakti within all of creation.
With your guide Shiva Rea, Pulse Collective
The heart of the yogini is a open circle of women gathering to
* tend the fire of our life-force and spiritual journey as women
* to embody our connection to the Goddess within, and
* to deepen with both lineage and creative practices of Shakti Sadhana
* to create a safe space to listen in soulful circles and pods to receive support during these soulful times and
* to awaken our understanding of the Great Mother Goddess traditions and historical yoginis.
* to receive a grounding in Shakti Sadhana from Atma Puja and Mantra Sadhana, connected Mata Amritanada Mayi Ma, Ammachi, Bhakti, Tantra and Ayurvedic householder ritual practices
* evolution of a universal space in Shakti Prana Flow creative flowering” approach to Women’s Arts based in 20 years of offering vinyasa as movement meditation.
Open to All women at all phases of life
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