Heart of the Yogini
Women's Circle with Shiva Rea

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Heart of the Yogini

Welcome to Heart of the Yogini

The heart of the yogini is OPEN CIRCLE of women around the world coming together to Join a circle to connect modern~day yoginis with the universal and lineage yoga traditions that honor the Shakti within all of creation.

Heart of Yogini is the introduction to Shakti Prana Flow ~ a pathway of embodiment and movement meditation practice to benefit all women in awakening a living connection of the sacred feminine. 

Women/yoginis of all backgrounds and phases in their journey are invited into a circle to study and deepen your cultivation of embodied spirituality, opening to and nurturing the creative energy, passion and wisdom of Shakti within.

Be welcomed in all phases of one’s creativity, fertility and wisdom changes.

We will explore root text and meditations from Kaula Shakta streams of teachings to present day~yogini, Sri Amritananda May Ma or the hugging saint, Ammachi.

We will embody wisdom and meditations from Shakta Tantra, Bhakti and Prana Flow teachings for awakening, realization, integration and empowerment to women in a circle of respect, support and acceptance.


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