Online Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training
200/300 Hour Certifications Available

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Course Overview

Online Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training ~ 200/300 Hour Certifications Available

 Online Immersions for Teachers and Lovers of Life

Along with the Soulful Wellness Guide 9 month program, Samudra presents an opportunity to receive a 200/300 hour Yoga Alliance teacher certification.

Summer 2020

Deep dive into an evolutionary 200 or 300 hour

Prana Vinyasa Program online with Shiva Rea

Online Teacher Training offering the juiciest programming for a full spectrum Prana Flow education and experience

You can take 50 hours a month June-October (June-December for 300 hour cert) and deepen your practice and teaching with:

⁃Foundation Prana Vinyasa / Soulful Wellness, become grounded in the Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa Namaskars. Learn variations of 3 traditional namaskars, and 9 Prana Flow Dancing Warrior Namaskar sequences and integrate the Namaskar of the Week

-Enjoy 3 live classes with Shiva a week in our Online Global Studio 

-Cultivate essential fire keeping for personal vitality in Shiva’s unique Tending the Fire 101 which draws upon Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga, and Movement Meditation for All.

-Learn to create and support community circles through Soulful Wellness.

⁃Sahaja Prana Flow, Embodying the Natural Flow. The experience of prana initiating yogasana in a spontaneous natural arc

⁃Tending the Fire of the Sacred Triad: Ojas, Tejas, + Prana

⁃Rhythm + Prana Flow, the Dance of Live. A universal tribal gathering into the roots of trance as a rhythmically induced state of natural flow that is innate within all beings. The activation of free-form movement as one of the oldest ecstatic pathways of collective meditation

⁃The yoga alchemy of Elemental Prana Vinyasa + an introduction to Chakra Vinyasa for 300 hour teachers

⁃Embodied Anatomy, Introduction to Somatics, + Energetic Alignment in the Flow

⁃Prana Danda Yoga + Meditation is an empowering mind-body training method that awakens the inner energetic central channel

-Every week you will receive a rhythm to integrate into your daily life. 

Plus online elective courses in Living Ayurveda, Tantric Wisdom Teachings / Dance of Life with Daniel Odier, Heart of the Yogini Fall Navaratri , History and Evolution of Vinyasa.

If you are a new teacher: you may enroll here for our 4 month 200 hour teacher training program (add new app)

If you are a teacher who already has a full 200 hour teacher training with Samudra or another school: you can enroll in the 300 hour program for a 6 month certification. (add new app)

Soulful Wellness is a 9 month program hosted by Shiva and Samudra which amplifies your personal care, teaching and community leadership skills


200 hours

$1000 + $250 materials fee

300 hours

$1500 + $250 materials fee

For Soulful Wellness students already enrolled in May 1-Aug 1 cycle, materials fee waived for $250 discount

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