Embodying Siva - Meditations for Monthly Shivratri (New Moon)

with Shiva Rea and collective

Course Overview

Email yogaalchemy108@gmail.com if interested to join

Experience a journey into the meditations, mantras, mudras and universal ritual process connected to the teachings within the sadhana of Siva as consummate yogin, sacred masculine and divine androgyny, supreme dancer, and source consciousness. 

In this new moon-based meditation and ritual sadhana for men and women, we will honor a vrata or sacred vow-sadhana to align with the “shivaratri” or night of Siva through a year of eleven Siva Sadhanas to experience  Shivaratri every month in the fertile nights of the new moon each month.

  • Ten live audio meditation, Mudra mantra, myth, sacred text study and ritual  with Shiva
  • Monthly sadhana email
  • Private group


Course Outline