Yogini Circle Embodying Shakti for Women

with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

January 20th~March 20th with Shiva Rea

Om Sristiaye Namah - I bow to the One is Creative Potency

Join our evolution of the fluid creative core sadhana, this time flowering to embrace the power of expression of our creative energy in all forms.
In this 10-month program sadhana, we will explore the channeling of creativity in our yoga practice with the generation and manifestation of creativity in our life. Each participant initiates a creative project of ANY form that will be nurtured through the sadhana period with Shiva's sadhana guidance and community interaction.

Three Practices: Prana Flow * Vocal Awakening * Meditation
  • Prana Flow * Kundalini Namaskar * Fluid Creative Core/Sacred Belly with Shiva
  • Liberating the Flow of Voice with Shiva and special session with C.C. White
  • Creative Potency - Weekly Meditation and Mantra Sadhana with altars for creative potency

Full details – Process includes:
  • Prana Flow Creative Movement Sadhanas to weave into your practice during the month
  • Sringara Rasa Vinyasa filmed in Santorini, Greece (short and long form 20 – min and 1.5 hour)
  • Fluid Creative Core filmed in Humali, California (20 minute)
  • Kundalini Namaskar filmed in White Sands (20 minutes)
  • Vocal Empowerment Sessions – with Shiva and C.C. White to open up your flow of your voice with chanting, poetry and sound tools
  • Creative Shakti Archive Meditation Calls
  • Creative Unfolding – Harvesting Creative Potential & Collective Altars
  • A simple or rich creative project of your inspiration that will be fertilized through your sadhana

We are inherently creative beings. The summer months bring our embodiment into greater fluidity. The spacious light days can be invitations to open the power of your creative flow.