Introductory Class to ‘Āsana Vinyāsa: the Tantric Origins of Modern Yoga’
with Christopher Tompkins and Shiva Rea

Course Overview

Introductory Class to ‘Āsana Vinyāsa: the Tantric Origins of Modern Yoga’

The Integrity of the Mysore School and the Ancient Roots of Modern Yoga
Krishnamacharya’s Overlooked Sources for the Revival of Āsana Vinyāsa
Āsana is the means to experiencing the state of awakening through one’s body – one which uproots the anxiety of embodiment because it eliminates death.” -Goddess Bhairavī to Shiva, Kaula Tantra, ca. 13th century A.D.
In this introductory session, Christopher will briefly introduce sample passages drawn from a large collection of (largely un-published) source texts to be featured in our course, which will counter the claims of recent scholarship in demonstrating the presence in pre-16th century Tantric sources of – Surya Namaskara.

Krishnamacarya’s Surya Namaskara as the foundation for postural Yoga practice originates in pre-16th century Tantric sources, and not from more modern gymnastic sources, as now claimed; Vinyasa.

Contrary to recent claims that ‘Vinyasa has no meaning in Yoga practice,’ the phrase Āsana Vinyāsa’, the ‘Sequencing of Poses’ choreographed to mantra, pranayama, and visualization, originates in pre-16th Tantric sources;

Non-seated Poses, many of which have survived to the present day, originate from pre-16th century Tantric sources, versus the contemporary claim that these were simply made up by Krishnamacharya or derive from Wrestling manuals.

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