Chandra Namaskar
The Roots and Evolution with Christopher Tompkins

Course Overview

Chandra Namaskar

Drawn from Chris’s research into more than 1,200 unpublished Sanskrit texts over the past nine years ~ Based on Chris’s new blog article, ‘The Tantric Origins of Chandra Namaskra’.

Join me for this exciting first course in my new Yoga Vidhi Series. Presented through Shiva Rea’s Movement Alchemy Online school, which for the first time reveals the Origins and Evolution of the Vinyasa-based Yoga practiced by millions in the world today.

The Vinyāsa sequence known today as Chandra Namaskāra, ‘Devotional Offering of the Moon,’ was perhaps the most sacred movement meditations taught in the Tantras, the roots of which have been lost until now. Known by various names such as the ‘Circle Sequence’ (Chakra Vinyasa) and the Vinyasa of ‘Continual Body Engagement’ (Anga-Pradakshina), this empowering practice was taught as a ‘Garland’(mala) of Flowing Body Mudras, including poses (Asanas, Karanas) which survive to this day.

What Students Will Receive.

Experience the power of this daily, improvisational practice as originally taught by the Tantric Masters. Learn how this sequence, based on the re-birth cycle of the moon, served as an embodied expression of affirmation, surrender, and renewal, as a means to cultivating divine Love in one’s heart, held by the Tantrics as the birthright of all beings to experience. Discover how Chandra Namaskara as a compassion-based sādhana, and learn how it was meant to bestow blessings on others.

Four Sessions, 90 Minutes each ~ Accessible online through your computer, I-pad, or phone ~ 

Featuring –

  • The evolution of ‘Chandra Namaskara’ in three phases of its development (over 800 years), from three un-published Source Texts.
  • How Elemental Mantras and Pranayama were choreographed within Namaskara sequencing

Chakra Vinyasa– How the shapes of the Chakras became Embodied Postures in the original sequence of ‘Chandra Namaskāra’

Mudra Vinyasa– How Dance andImprovisational (‘Sahaja’) based movement came to define the practice

  • The Tantric Roots of Chandra Namaskara and sister sequences taught by the Mysore School, source of Modern Vinyasa-based Yoga.

Session I. Navarātrī Ritual Recitation of the 108 Names of Goddess Lalitā.

Session II. Chandra Namaskāra of the ‘Tantric Warrior’ Lineage (‘Vīra Shaivas’)

Session III. Chandra Namaskāra of the Goddess – the Kaula Tantras

Session IV: Chandra Namaskāra: the Vinyāsa of Cultivating the Highest Love

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