Chakra Seed Mantra
The Missing Seed Mantras of the Chakras with Chris Tompkins

Course Overview

Chakra Seed Mantra

How did we mistake the Chakra Seed Mantras?

Yoga, as we know it today, has come to us through the Tantric tradition. Tantra was known as the Mantrā Marga (Path of Mantra), because its main Yoga practice was centered on the Chakra bīja (seed) mantras. These bīja mantras were engaged in a specific practice sequence (vinyāsa) which gave rise to modern postural yoga.

However, this practice and the Chakra bījas — lam, vam, ram, yam, ham — that have come down to us are both incomplete. The potency of the bijas lives within their vowel resonance, as Shakti was revered as a sonic power. The commonly known Chakra bijas are missing their correct vowel sounds, or Shaktis.

Join me in this historical class where I will share:

-the context from which this teaching has come through incomplete

-lost Shaktis + vowels that represent them as liberating sonic power

-original Chakra bījas + understanding their role in practice

-translations of original source passages

Students will be led through a foundational practice of the original Chakra Bija Mantra Vinyasa.


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