Chakra Prana Flow for Women

Sacred Training

Course Overview

Embodying the Heart Chakra May 2nd-27th

We are having the most soul-grounding experience in our first module that today We are opening the enrollment for module two Chakra Prana Flow for Women Sacred Spring Training - Mula and Svadhisthana Chakra month long Immersion!


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🔻Highlights and practical's:

🔻Module 1 Embodying the Sacred - An Exploration of Muladhara + Svadhisthana Chakra Prana Flow - Creative Power March 11-April 1

🔻Module 2: Tending the Inner Fire —A Journey Into Manipura Chakra Prana Flow April 4-April 30

🔻Module 3: Energetic Heart - A journey into embodying heart chakra May 2-27

• Online live virtual and on-demand classes and teaching labs⁠.
• 3 days a week; 4, 8 or 12 week program.
• 25, 50 or 80 hours optional Yoga Alliance Teacher Training continuing education certification.
• Experience and learn elemental and circular Prana Vinyasa pathways directly from Prana Vinyasa founder, Shiva Rea⁠.
• Connect to community, for women and women-identifying people.⁠
• The training offers two tracks: 1 for practitioners looking to deepen their practice; 1 for teachers, counting toward 80 CE hours for @YogaAlliance and/or Shiva's #YogaAlchemy certification⁠.
• Learn a fluid, somatic, Shakta (goddess) based approach to embodying the Chakras⁠
• Experience an integration of Tantric meditation and Somatic integration⁠
• Awaken your vital energy and creativity in a global circle of women⁠
• Integrate living tools for the art of living and teaching vinyasa as movement meditation⁠
• Experience the liberating and empowering approach to the Chakras from 20 plus years of experience from the Chakra Prana Vinyasa⁠
• Study the Goddess traditions (Shakta Sadhana) in asana, mudra, mantra, yantra and tantra with classical, sacred texts of Shakti⁠
• Connect with Amma, Devipuram and Yogini lineage of wisdom teachings⁠
• Explore the natural rhythms of the world in relation to goddess energy and theory⁠
• Learn about the chakras and energy flow to embody the sacred as the Shakti Tradition (before psychology/trauma map of Carl Jung)⁠