Art of Namaskar A Journey from Prostrations to Foundation Prana Flow Namaskars
with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

Art of Namaskar A Journey from Prostrations to Foundation Prana Flow Namaskars

Art of Namaskar
Classical to Dancing Warriors

To do pranam (obeisance) means to put one’s head where it should be—at the feet of God.

His feet are everywhere and therefore one may do namaskar (salutation) everywhere,

remembering the feet of God. To do pranam means to open oneself

to the divine power, which is always streaming down on everyone. — SRI ANANDAMAYI MA

Welcome to the Art of Namaskar course exploring Foundational Namaskars –

Classical to Dancing Warriors!

We are here to support you on your journey and this is the first step in Prana Vinyasa’s teaching path.

Enjoy the first online module that corresponds to the Embodying the Flow/Mandala of Asanas Teaching Empowerment Process.

This online course is an archived self-guided-collective study. This self-study guide is for teacher trainees and Prana Vinyasa teachers who want to refine their embodiment, rhythm, flow, and foundation of teaching.

I offer you these root classical namaskars and the first level of evolution in the Rhythmic Vinyasa and Dancing Warrior Vinyasas from my heart, as they are the foundational pathways that unfold into the 40 Prana Vinyasa namaskars.

We have three main goals in our process:

1) greater embodiment in the asanas and in the flow of namaskars
2) greater empowerment and integration for teaching classical and prana vinyasa namaskars
3) greater integration of solar-lunar practice & meditation to support our life

May we more deeply embody these foundational namaskars to more fully transmit the art of movement meditation.

Enjoy your practice!

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