Costa Rica – Certifications + Credits

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Costa Rica Retreat

Certifications + Credits

SAMUDRA SCHOOL OF LIVING YOGA: Evolutionary Vinyasa Teacher Training 

YOU WILL RECEIVE 25 HOURS FROM EACH WEEK TOWARDS YOUR TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION WITH SAMUDRA SCHOOL OF LIVING YOGA.  These are “contact” hours as we will not be offering a specific module on this retreat.  There is a $30 charge for the contact hours portion of this retreat that you can choose at registration.

For more details on our Samudra School of Living Yoga Teacher Training Program please email:

Samudra School of Living Yoga: Please apply to Samudra School of Living Yoga by completing Samudra Teacher Training Application – $54 application fee includes your lifetime teacher’s membership to Yoga Alchemy and Living in Rhythm new moon meditations, eight seasonal meditations, and Facebook group. This membership fee is waived if you register for the FULL three week retreat immersion training.  Teacher membership is required to access our online support for these training modules. Additional fee for some online courses.  

Ever expanding and evolving (now into our Vitality and Wellness Guide programming), each Prana Vinyasa Yoga experience with Shiva and guest teachers is unique. 

Use our Registration Tab to learn more about available accommodations, pricing and full descriptions!!

** Special Teacher Training Hours Samudra School Electives or Credit for the Retreat Process – 25 elective hours of Living Prana Vinyasa 

Please bring Tending the Heart Fire book.

There will be no separate teacher training sessions:

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