Embody Yoga and Vinyasa: Living In Rhythm Mudra Meditations

yoga, movement, krishnamacharya lineage, prana vinyasa

Embody Yoga and Vinyasa

​yoga, movement, krishnamacharya lineage, prana vinyasa

Evolutionary Vinyasa

Experience our courses ​that evolve from the roots from Mark Whitwell's offering from the Heart of Yoga, to the hub for Prana Vinyasa practice. Our dedication is to the understanding of conscious evolution from the great tree of yoga so that innovation has a purpose that stays connected to the roots.

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Roots Courses

Join us to immerse in a wide array of online program offerings in movement alchemy, creative and healing arts.

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Aug. 8,15,17,22,24

50 Hour Ayurveda Study Online Course-Module 4

Module 4: Agni- The Ayurvedic Metabolic Fire
with Maria Garre

In Ayurveda the concept of Agni our digestive fire is most important for healthy, vital, vibrant living. All metabolic process inside your body happen because of Agni. Understanding how this bodily fire supports our well-being is a root principle within Ayurveda.

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Sol Revival - Yoga Alchemy

21 Day Elemental Activation Course with Shiva Rea

ignite, balance and revivify
develop the healing practice for your optimal flow
with Shiva Rea filmed in Costa Rica
with global alchemical music mix

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