Tending the Body of Love

Sringara Rasa Vinyasa ~
with Shiva Rea & Demetri Velisarius

Course Overview

Tending the Body of Love: Sringara Rasa Vinyasa ~
with Shiva Rea & Demetri Velisarius

For Women and Men, Solo and Couples

Enjoy a nine night yoga practice to tenderize the the body of love.

In this unique practice, for both women and men, singles or couples, we nourish the regenerative power of love and union with the beloved within and in our life through this juicy sadhana:

Your sadhana includes:

1) Seven juicy practices – audio meditations/video practices filmed in Santorini and White Sands
  • Three practices for the inner danda (staff) connecting with the sacred masculine – two prana danda yoga practices and two danda meditations that can be experienced in yoga or with a 5-foot danda (staff)
  • Three practices for the inner lotus (fluid flow) and connecting to the sacred feminine – two prana vinyasa practices and two lotus meditations
  • Two sacred union meditation – for you alone or with a partner
2) Daily Email Sparks – Love Poetry for juicing up your day
3) Cultivating Sringara Rasa and in-home retreat e-practice guide
4) Live sacred union meditation with Shiva on Valentine’s Day morning
5) Shiva’s Alchemical Playlist from Soundstrue and Yogitunes artists; Bonus Videos courtesy of Acacia.

Course Outline