Mandala of Mudra Meditations

Course Overview

Mandala of Mudra Meditations – M3

Journey into the simple power of mudra meditations in a progression that begins with the intimate heart mudras, to seven levels from the elements through the bhakti mudra meditations that are integrated within Prana Vinyasa.

The journey of the year will pass through eight “Mudra Mandalas”. For every mandala, you will receive mudra meditation to practice offered by Shiva from her home altar and pilgrimage spots and altars around the world.

Eight Mandalas of Mudra Meditations 

M3: Heart Mudras 

M3: Foundations – Prana Vayu Mudras 

M3: Elemental Mudras Meditations

M3: Chakra Mudra Meditations

M3: Rasa Mudra Meditations

M3: Sharira Mudra Meditations 

M3: Shakti Bhakti Mudra Meditations

M3: Bhakti Mudra Meditations

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