Soma Prana Flow

Lunar Arts
With Shiva Rea

Course Overview

Soma Prana Flow

Soma Prana Flow

Lunar Arts School of Yoga Alchemy (LASYA)
Begins October 2017


LIVE/Online Immersions for Teachers and Lovers of Life
54/108/200/300/500 Certified program


Experience a flowing, juicy approach to lunar, yin and restorative yoga for all levels to support regeneration and creative potential.


Soma Prana Flow - Inner Flow


In these changing times, we have evolved a lunar prana flow practice that helps people of all walks of life to nourish themselves. A flowing meditation in motion helps integrate the somatic experience with the inner calm so we where ever we are we can be in our flowing center, cool when there is agitation, steady when there is change, open to love in the midst of contraction.


After over 15 years of cultivating the lunar arts, we are now offering complete lunar immersions - in practice and teacher training to bring the mediative vinyasa or “soma prana flow - tantric yin” to more teachers through our LIVE + Online immersions.


The primary requisite on our teaching path is your dedication to embodying a healing lunar rhythm and balance in your own life to be able to share with others.


No intermediate/advance asanas are required for this teacher training path only a commitment and dedication to going deeper in one’s experience of the healing that unfolds from our breathing, innate cellular intelligence.


Integrating both root and evolutionary teachings, live + online depth, we are proud to offer a way to empower people of all backgrounds to experience to power of yoga for all - levels.