Soulful Movement Meditation For All
with Shiva and special guest teachers and artists

Course Overview


Every breath. Every day,

May we evolve deeper in love.

Pranams is the foundation in the revival of soulful movement meditation as the essential practice of releasing and rising. Our new global online course includes an offering of our Prana flow Mandala mat to go with the practice.

You are invited to be a founding angel for our new course.

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rootSrise- Power of Pranams

Begin anytime and join the journey of the year in a soulful movement meditation - Pranams.

Life is a journey. Meditation is a raft in a sea of change. These days everyone from children to elders feel the stressors of life. Those who are in any challenge in life can receive the natural benefits of meditation. These live events and online offerings will help navigate the ups and downs of life. 

Journey into the simple power of mantra meditations in a progression that begins with the universal peace mantras and follows the pathway of prana flow.

You will receive solar, lunar, and a radical relaxation (yoga nidra) mediation to enjoy as well as a weekly drop of wisdom nectar about the mantra. For every week there will be an offering of a simple, universal mantra of the world’s spiritual traditions as an entryway into the universal heart.

 * Join a global rootSrise community of practitioners, teachers, families, and friends as we bring the power of pranams in to the journey of our year with this pranam starter kit.

 * Until Earth Day, you will be receiving a pranam a week until you have a base of 15 pranams to work with in your daily life.

* Join us for the first ten-day challenge from Feb. 11-19th  RootSrise for Love working with the pranams that you will have available to you for a total of seven  forms of pranam by Valentines week.

* Integrate into your offerings in the Power of Pranams - Flow for All Guide online teacher community beginning with Earth Day 2019

 * Experience moving prayer as sacred training cultivating your health and strength with humility and meditation as the basis of your flow.

* Experience a flexible practice 10 min - one hour accessible to seated, simple spinal movements to full strength training

* Learn how to integrate pranams into your daily life for transforming stress, anxiety, depression and to bring heart, love, receptivity, listening, circulation, strength and vitality into your movement practice.

 * Become a Founding Angel. Be part of the unfolding process and included on the website launch

Course is offered for free to anyone who applies to Gift of Pranams for people who are facing health challenges, life-difficulties email

Course Outline

Monday Pranams with Om Namah Shivaya*offering by Jai Uttal
Tuesday Pranams with Om Hum Hanumataye Namaha
Pranams with Hum mi Hum Brahm Hum Mantra
Friday Pranams with Devi Mantra*offering by Jai Uttal
Saturday Pranams with Hanuman Chalisa Mantra *offering by Jai Uttal - 12:32
Sunday Pranams with Om Surya Mantra*offering by Veronique Dumont
Pranams for Saraswati ~ Music by Arjun Baba - 06:29
Devi Pranams for Sara and All Souls