Chakra Seed Mantra

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Course Overview

The Missing Seed Mantras of the Chakras
with Chris Tompkins

How did we mistake the Chakra Seed Mantras? 

Yoga as we know it today has come to us through the Tantric tradition, known as the ‘Path of Mantra’ (Mantrāmarga). The main Yoga practice of the Tantrics was based on sound vibration, especially the engagement of bīja (‘seed’ = simple, one syllable) mantras. The Chakra bīja mantras were once the heart of the vinyāsa-based yoga innovated by the Tantrics.
But the bījas as they have come down to us — ‘lam, vam, ram, yam, and ham,’ — are incomplete, as they are missing their correct vowel sounds.

Join me online or on the course portal for this Yoga Alchemy class where I will share the original Chakra bījas taught in the Tantras, as well as the historical context in which this teaching has come to us in an incomplete form. You will understand the role that the original Chakra bījas played in the daily yoga practice of the Tantrics.

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90 minutes long
Can’t make it live? Also available on the course portal the next day.