Breathing Peace
New Moon-Full Moon with Ten Days of Mantra

with Shiva Rea

Course Overview

10 Days of Peace - Shanti Sadhana

When the world is often in a holiday swirl with the days moving towards the point of greatest darkenss for the Winter Solstice, we cultivate the daily anchor and power of shanti sadhana - living peace - as an offering to the world.

Through archive meditation calls with Shiva including meditation, mantra japa, yoga mala, universal wisdom and deep reflection, we will move to the turning point of the Winter Solstice. As an antidote to holiday stress, we will consciously cultivate the rhythms of peace. Shiva will offer daily meditation live and on archive for anytime you want to practice this process. Sadhana includes a beautiful web-book for the practices and reflections for embodiment of peace.

Course Outline